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Our Philosophy

Embracing an entrepreneurial drive and commitment, combined with professional growth to tackle a challenging opportunity with a team of energetic market participants


Trading professionally can be a very challenging but rewarding career. We believe that traders can grow and prosper when given the right tools, guidance and instruction.

One difference between professional traders and non-professionals is that professionals work as a team, sharing ideas and research with each other to maximize their performance. After all, it’s always better to have several pairs of eyes looking to spot the next opportunity. We believe that working together as a team is the best approach to trading. With that said, our senior traders go out of their way to show new traders the ropes and make them feel at home.

We all started as new traders once. If it wasn’t for someone to take the time to sit down with us and help, we would have never gotten to this point. For that, we are grateful for those who’ve shared their knowledge and feel like we owe it to our new incoming class of traders to continue that tradition.

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Want to know more about our application process? Or the culture at our offices? Come visit us at 108 Greenwich Street. Also, check out our Retail vs. Prop page or contact Alan Lee, who heads our trade desk.