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Our Culture

Quasar culture is about providing a foundation to achieve our purpose: empowering traders to succeed


At Quasar, we believe that great traders are made not born. With that said, our goal is to put our traders in an optimal position to grow and adapt to ever-changing and challenging market conditions. We accomplish this by creating a team-oriented environment for our traders. Junior traders are encouraged to seek out those with more experience for idea generation, approach to the market and adjusting to the daily grind of trading for a living.

We understand that everyone starts out fresh and getting over the learning curve isn’t easy. However, a combination of desire to improve and internal support, will dramatically increase the probability of making a career out of trading.

With a diversified group of established traders to learn from, we feel that new traders have a legitimate opportunity to find their path at Quasar.

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Want to know more about our application process? Or the culture at our offices? Come visit us at 108 Greenwich Street. Also, check out our Retail vs. Prop page or contact Alan Lee, who heads our trade desk.