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Our executive team has over 40 years combined industry experience and delivering results. The founders, to this day , are seasoned traders with over a decade of exceptional trading performance, allowing them to deliver a unique perspective to traders’ needs.

  • Elias has been trading equities successfully for more than twelve years and has never had a losing year. His passion for trading began with a retail account at E*TRADE. While attaining a Business Finance degree at CUNY CSI, he began his professional trading career at Momentum Securities. After establishing himself as one of the best young traders at the firm, he then moved on to Evolution Financial Technology where he worked closely with the traders to dramatically increase trading performance.

    Driven to find an edge in the trading industry, he then joined Lightspeed Trading and held a position there as an independent consultant.

    His focus on thorough preparation and discipline together with technical and multi time frame analysis has earned him recognition throughout the trading community. Attention to detail and unwavering commitment will continue to be key factors in helping Elias attain his goals. Elias has passed FINRA Series 56 and 24 licenses.

  • Assaf Shalev has been trading equities actively for more than a decade. His career began at Brandeis University, where he traded equities as a hobby in between classes. Upon graduating, he decided to forgo medical school to pursue a professional career in trading. With an initial investment of only $5000, he began as a proprietary trader with a boutique firm on Wall Street. It was there that Assaf acquired the discipline necessary to thrive as an intraday trader. Through self-learning and motivation, Assaf built solid research and technical analysis skills, and has been consistently profitable as an independent trader.

    Assaf also helped develop real-time risk management tools necessary for today’s ultra-fast electronic marketplace. He previously was a consultant to Lightspeed Trading. Assaf has passed FINRA Series 7 and 24 licenses. He previously was registered with Evolution Financial Technology (now part of Bank of NY Mellon), and Lightspeed Trading.

  • Tim Kelleher has been in the middle of the electronic securities trading industry for the past three decades. Beginning at Reuters Instinet in 1992, supporting their Institutional and Broker Dealer clientele network worldwide, Tim moved on to Broadway Trading in 1997, where he became a full-time proprietary trader during the dot-com era. He has developed a style for momentum, fundamental news, counter trends, gaps, and relative strength type trading. He has adapted and fine-tuned these methods over the years to correspond with the ever-evolving markets.  Tim has founded and worked with several trading organizations, both as a registered member and as an affiliate consultant.

    Tim is both Series 7 and 24 certified, and since 2012 he has been a Business Development Executive and Trader at Quasar Trading LLC.  Having lived and worked in New York City’s Financial District since 2007, he manages a large group of traders at Quasar from beginner to advanced. He specializes in pre-market trading events, as well as trading morning gaps and inefficiencies. Tim is also versed in and employs intra-day trend/technical analysis-based trades. He has extensive experience with most types of trading styles. Tim’s expertise helps assist new and experienced traders to manage and enhance their careers.

  • Alan has been trading equities actively for more than 15 years. His career began while in college first trading his parent’s accounts, and then trading his own account. Upon graduating, he took a job at an online brokerage house. It was there that he was introduced to DMA trading. Several years later, he began as a proprietary trader with a boutique firm. It was there that Alan learned the necessary skills to be a profitable trader. He continued to educate himself in all aspects of the markets in order to gain the knowledge needed to become a successful trader. Alan also helped develop a DMA platform at his previous firm. He has tested multiple platforms and used them in his own trading as well. He has expansive knowledge in black box algorithms as well as risk management solutions. He has extensive experience in operations from the front office to the back office as well. Alan has passed FINRA Series 7, Series 55, Series 63, Series 24 and Series 4 licensing.

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