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Our traders are self-starters, committed to getting better every day as individuals and a group, positively impacting
the Quasar beyond primary responsibilities.

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Equities trading represents the core of Quasar’s business, so we focus on fostering the best environment for any trader to gain an edge, regardless of level or strategy.

Our experienced traders utilize firm leverage to execute the follow equities trading strategies:

  • Event-Driven – Our event driven or “special situations” traders focus on profiting from corporate or market news events. Corporate news events such as mergers, restructuring, litigation or bankruptcy, while market news items including economic data releases and central bank announcements also serve as catalysts for our traders.
  • Momentum – These traders research and locate individual stocks that result in elevated intra-day price action, volume and volatility
  • Technically Driven – The focus here is on technical analysis and charting, research and execution for this type of trading is strictly based on chart analysis.
  • Tactical – Utilizing technical analysis, trend following and/or relative strength techniques to execute their fundamentally driven outlook on the market.

The firm employs proactive risk management that involve high-level communication with firm principals that also actively trade and thus understand the nuances of the present-day market. This ensures that risk is intelligently refined daily to account for fast moving equities market. Quasar is committed to transparency, generating accurate daily reports for our traders to quickly review their trading activity.

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At Quasar, you’ll get a unique opportunity to build an exciting career, trading the companies and markets everyone else reads about in the news.

Empowering Traders to Succeed

The founders, to this day, are seasoned traders with over a decade of exceptional trading performance, allowing them to deliver a unique perspective to trader's needs.

Whether you are a new or experienced trader with a retail or prop background, utilizing equities and/or options to trade on-location or remotely, Quasar is the place for you.

Visionary Approach

Quasar is at the forefront of the trading revolution and we're growing fast.