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Automated Trading

We have the in-house tools and development resources you need to take the next step in your trading career.

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At Quasar, we have developers on hand with the expertise and knowledge to help code your strategies. Our in-house team will be able to take your ideas and translate them into an automated strategy. In addition, they offer comprehensive back-testing solutions to assist in strategy optimization.

For direct access members, whether you trade from our trading floors or remotely, Quasar provides an in-house suite of proprietary back-office tools and analytics for evaluation, allowing for optimization of any type of trading strategy.

Automated / Algorithmic Trading Benefits:

  • Ability to seed and fund quantitative strategies with firm capital
  • Ability to cater to automated and quantitative driven strategies in US equity markets.
  • Experts in black box and gray box development including development of all filters, screeners and entry/exit methodology and risk management strategies.
  • Strict intellectual property policy for all strategy developers

Quasar at a Glance

At Quasar, you’ll get a unique opportunity to build an exciting career, trading the companies and markets everyone else reads about in the news.

Empowering Traders to Succeed

The founders, to this day, are seasoned traders with over a decade of exceptional trading performance, allowing them to deliver a unique perspective to trader's needs.

Whether you are a new or experienced trader with a retail or prop background, utilizing equities and/or options to trade on-location or remotely, Quasar is the place for you.

Visionary Approach

Quasar is at the forefront of the trading revolution and we're growing fast.