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Alan Lee Business Development

Alan Lee Business Development

Alan has been trading equities actively for more than 15 years. His career began while in college first trading his parent’s accounts, and then trading his own account. Upon graduating, he took a job at an online brokerage house. It was there that he was introduced to DMA trading. Several years later, he began as a proprietary trader with a boutique firm. It was there that Alan learned the necessary skills to be a profitable trader. He continued to educate himself in all aspects of the markets in order to gain the knowledge needed to become a successful trader. Alan also helped develop a DMA platform at his previous firm. He has tested multiple platforms and used them in his own trading as well. He has expansive knowledge in black box algorithms as well as risk management solutions. He has extensive experience in operations from the front office to the back office as well. Alan has passed FINRA Series 7, Series 55, Series 63, Series 24 and Series 4 licensing.


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