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We partner with the leading financial technology and cutting edge software firms to deliver the tools, research and development resources you need to take the next step in your trading career.

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Trading Platforms

We know edge matters to be successful in this trading environment, so Quasar partners with leading platforms providers to offer our traders superior technology and direct market access. As a result, traders can utilize advanced order types, locate institutional order flow and access various liquidity providers, even dark pools. Whether it is direct access or it’s market access front-ends for discretionary trading or APIs for automated strategies, Quasar traders have the ability to achieve high-level execution across multiple asset classes.

Platform Offerings

Every platform available at Quasar provides a multitude of capabilities to support any type of execution style or strategy.

Some features include:

  • Create your own layouts & hotkeys
  • Trade on multiple layouts all from the same window
  • Supports multiple screens
  • Direct Access Order Routing
  • Send single or multiple trigger orders
  • Control multiple users under one management
  • Trade equities and options from the same window
  • Choose from a variety of books (INET/BATS/TotalView/ARCA)
  • Open as many montage/order/Level II windows as needed
  • Link montage windows with other functions seamlessly
  • Direct Access share locates and pricing
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The comparison table below gives a broad view of the access points and products available for each platform. Prior to live trading, Quasar principals will sit down with each trader and help them select a platform that best complements their needs to successfully navigate the markets.

Whether you are a novice trader learning the ropes or a veteran, Quasar has a DMA platform meant to fit your needs, literally.

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Quasar at a Glance

At Quasar, you’ll get a unique opportunity to build an exciting career, working with accomplished professionals and partners in a diverse trading environment.

Empowering Traders to Succeed

The founders, to this day, are seasoned traders with over a decade of exceptional trading performance, allowing them to deliver a unique perspective to traders' needs.

Whether you are a new or experienced trader with a retail or prop background, utilizing equities and/or options to trade on-location or remotely, Quasar is the place for you.

Visionary Approach

Quasar is at the forefront of the trading revolution and we're growing fast.