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We partner with the leading financial technology and cutting edge software firms to deliver the tools, research and development resources you need to take the next step in your trading career.

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  • Trade Alert

    Trade Alert-Option Alert flow monitor keeps traders aware of significant option activity in real time using custom alerts and instant recaps for your specific area of focus. Every options trade in the market is augmented by quantitative and qualitative data fields and high-level instant recaps are available to support a thorough understanding of op...

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  • Acquired Media

    We are an advanced technology company devoted to delivering text news and multimedia with guaranteed reliability in formats that make content instantly usable and searchable. We serve the news, digital publishing and financial services communities, which depend on the speed of our delivery service, our reliability, our 24x7 support, plus our abilit...

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  • Briefing

    Designed with day and swing traders in mind, the service is designed to keep active traders completely informed of breaking events with live market coverage, intelligence and analysis, as well as unique, actionable trading ideas based on technical and fundamental analysis. It also provides swing trading ideas on ETFs, Emerging Growth Stocks, IPOs a...

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  • RealTick

    Market Analysis Trade Management. RealTick Real-Time Options give active traders the analysis tools needed to make critical trades with confidence.

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  • Thomson Reuters

    Better financial analysis, trading and investment decisions with unique market insight, information and news

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  • Hammerstone Forum

    A chat-based platform for traders, provides subscribers with up-to the-minute breaking news headlines that drive the market. Members of the room are able to comment on the news and swap trade ideas with other subscribers

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  • Bloomberg

    The Bloomberg Professional® service is the most powerful and flexible platform for financial professionals who need real-time data, news and analytics to make smarter, faster, more informed business decisions. Start putting knowledge into action and make more from the markets.

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  • eSignal

    Affordable, web-based charting package with real-time global market data.

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