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Retail vs. Prop

A career less ordinary …

There are several advantages of joining a prop firm like Quasar.

  • Access to like-minded professionals who share a passion for the financial markets
  • State of the art trading floor
  • Competitive commission rates for equity and option traders
  • Established relationships giving us ability to locate stocks not readily available
  • No Pattern Day Trader Rule
  • Ability to trade all option strategies with Portfolio Margining and Risk-Based Haircut T ools
  • Discounts to professional trading tools
  • Best of breed execution, analytic and trading platforms
  • Detailed and accurate daily trade performance reports
  • Leverage, the ability to trade firm capital
  • Developers on hand to help automate your trading strategy
  • Health and Dental Benefits

We are more than just a place to open a trading account. We’ ll provide the tools, guidance and support you need to fully optimize your full potential as a trader .

Quasar at a Glance

At Quasar, you’ll get a unique opportunity, as our highly entrepreneurial culture will be a catalyst for everything you want to achieve in your career.

Empowering Traders to Succeed

The founders, to this day, are seasoned traders with over a decade of exceptional trading performance, allowing them to deliver a unique perspective to trader's needs.

Whether you are a new or experienced trader with a retail or prop background, utilizing equities and/or options to trade on-location or remotely, Quasar is the place for you.

Visionary Approach

Quasar is at the forefront of the trading revolution and we're growing fast.