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Quasar Trading FAQs


Is Quasar Trading a Broker-Dealer?
Yes. Quasar Trading, LLC is a NASDAQ OMX PHLX member firm. We are a proprietary trading firm only. We do not accept retail or customer accounts. Traders are not brokerage customers and SIPC insurance coverage is not available.

Is Quasar Trading an independent firm?
Yes. Quasar is completely independent and partners with several industry leading companies to provide all the tools, technology and support that traders demand to maximize their trading experience.

What are the licensing requirements?
Traders are required to have either the Series 56 or Series 7 exam. We provide exam sponsorship for qualified applicants.

Am I given access to firm capital?
Yes. Traders with a proven track record are given access to trade with firm in the form of additional margin.

Proven Track Record:

  • The trader must demonstrate that he/she can implement the strategies learned in the training program.
  • Prospective traders will spend time on a demo trading platform that will be analyzed and monitored by the trader/coach assigned to them.
  • Management will look for a minimum number of profitable trades, risk vs. reward ratios, capital allocation, minimal draw downs, etc.
  • Traders can submit prior trading performance to satisfy prove track record requirements

Do I receive a salary if Quasar Trading hires me as a trader?

Quasar Traders are paid on performance only. Compensation is based on each individual trader’s net profit and loss.

Do you provide year-end tax information?
Tax statements are provided each year, but the type of statement varies with account type. Proprietary Traders receive K-1 Partnership Income Tax Statements. Taxes on these payouts will be the individual responsibility of each member.

Do I need experience?
NO. While experience is a plus, sometimes it is better to have no experience. Traders with bad experience/habits find it difficult to adapt to evolving markets, often requiring they start over anyway. Regardless, we can train from the ground up. The learning curve to become successful is 100% dependent on your ability to manage risk, be disciplined and demonstrate tremendous effort and dedication to understanding the stock market.

Can I trade remotely (from home) if I am accepted to Quasar Trading?
Yes. We offer remote trading opportunities. We have a secure trading system with integrated pre-trade risk management rules which enables responsible remote trading possibilities.

I would like to receive more personalized training to speed up my learning process. Do you have personal training services available?
Yes. Our principals and senior traders utilize their decades of successful trading experience and market knowledge to construct a daily process that best fits each individual trader.

We also have partners that provide trading education for a discounted fee.